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I was referred to Karen by my GP and the aim was simple: get my cholesterol levels down to an acceptable level, bring my blood pressure down and lose some weight too. Failure would mean medication; failure was not an option.

Karen, with her bouncy enthusiasm and clear passion for me to do well, immediately set out a simple plan and realistic goals. I cannot begin to describe how great I feel having lost 9.3% in body weight (loss so far of 8.3kg) and reduced my cholesterol by 23% in 12 weeks.  

The ladies at The Food Clinic know what they are talking about: my increased energy levels and improved sleep pattern are testimony enough but the loose belts, over-size shirts and jeans that come off without undoing the buttons tell the other side of the story equally well!!

I have made the life-style change, and still enjoy life and the occasional lads night out too!  I now have the BP of an 18-year old and feel better than I have since I was 18 (and I am 43!).  Expect to work yourself hard and be tough on yourself too but most of all, go and see these girls - they are good!"


"Singapore American School (SAS) initially contacted The Food Clinic due to our need for a food services consultant organization who understood the needs and requirements of food service in a school environment.  

However, SAS has continued to partner with The Food Clinic now for a second year in our food services needs because their approach to food services is collaborative, consistently providing opportunities for feedback, and is focused on meeting the needs of our unique, multicultural, and large educational environment.  

The nutritional expertise of The Food Clinic has been essential in focusing our food service providers on fundamental issues such as ingredients and serving size but their balanced approach in recommending enhancements is such that our students are presented with food they will "eat" while naturally learning through experience about life long health habits."

Rhonda Norris. Assistant Superintendent for HR. Singapore American School.