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The whole system approach to promoting nutritional well-being

The Food Clinic provides services to schools, educational and healthcare organisations, clinics, food and catering companies and corporate clients.

The Food Clinic service to schools includes: 

  • Assessment of the whole school approach to nutrition within the school. The assessment examines nutrition education provision, food and drink provision and the actual dining experience. This assessment will assist the school in developing a whole school food policy and devising a plan of action to achieve clearly identified goals.
  • Assessing and advising on school meals including breakfast provision.
  • Advising schools on healthy snacks and drinks.
  • Nutritional analysis of recipes and menus.
  • Education seminars for teachers as part of their continuing education program.  
    For example "Anorexia Nervosa in the school setting" and "The role of nutrition in learning and behavioural problems".
  • Education Seminars for students that are designed to compliment the school
  • Information sessions for parents. For example: "How to be a positive influence in your child's nutritional health".
  The Food Clinic service to corporate clients includes:
  • Providing advice on improving the nutritional content of workplace meals.
  • Nutritional analysis of recipes or menus.
  • Promoting healthier eating in the workplace.
  • Corporate talks, events and seminars. We have developed a series of hour long talks and interactive presentations covering a variety of nutrition topics such as food and stress etc.

We also provide services to education and healthcare organisations and food and catering companies as required.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us.

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